Instant Armadillo

Photo by J Duckworth

Funny how song lyrics keep popping into my head when I try to come up with titles for posts. If you've ever listened to Charleston, SC band Blue Dogs, then you might have heard,

"Well now when I get down to Austin
I'm going to sit right down
Yeah I'm going to drink some of those lone star beers honey
Going to hang around down in Austin
Yes I'm going down to see the town hang around down in Austin
Yeah I'm going down to Austin going down to watch the armadillos rootin
Armadillos rootin all around"

Yes indeed I'm going to Austin this weekend for a work trip and all the ex-pat Texans I know keep threatening to jump into my duffel bag and curl up real small for a stowaway trip.

While I'm there, I'll be staying with the cool kids at Hotel San Jose and maybe even checking out some of the spots recommended in Design*Sponge's well timed Austin Design Guide and Austin Regional Roundup.

Photos when I return....

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