Even Mountain Men Think About Their Hair

Standing in front of the bathroom mirror, eying his bed head pouf, the MM asks, "So how do you get your hair to look nice the day after you wash it?"

Me (from the bedroom): "Well, I use conditioner, blow dry it, and put a little shine/smoothing stuff in it."
MM: "Oh."

Peeking around the door, I spy a Mountain Man rubbing a little Aveda Control Paste through his hands and finger combing the pouf into order.

This probably doubled his usual morning toilette, but I just grinned.


Live Better Lizzie said...

And you did not take a photo of MM styling, why?!?!

steve said...

From the MM:

When I woke this morning to find that Annabelle had exposed my vanity to the world I figured I could (a) sulk over my bruised male ego or (b) stand behind my new control paste.

I chose B. It works wonders on my 'do; which is often fluffy and difficult to manage. It works so well that this morning I decided to try it out on Chopper's fluffy head. He is now the epitome of debonair. I'll have Annabelle post a photo.

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