Appropos of Nothing

Hmm, hmm, chili and cornbread

Let me say that i [heart] Eppies. You Cville types know what I'm talkin' about and if you don't, well, my deepest condolences. Going to Eppies on any day of the week for lunch or dinner would easily remedy your situation because you could pick from among my home-cooked favorites: steamed broccoli, sweet potato and mac&cheese, turkey chili, chicken tamalaes, turkey meatloaf, or this yummy salad with corn, dates, goat cheese, spinach and champagne vinaigrette. AND their pumpkin bread, or moist and corn kernel-full cornbread. Or both.

I'd like to acquire franchise rights and open one up in a new place because I'm pretty sure that would mean job security given how stupendously good the food is. That might be the first time I've ever used the word stupendous other than in my head.

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ivy_c said...

I love Eppies. Especially on Wednesday (aka Tamales day)!

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