Compost Squash!

October 13th
October 13th

It might be a pumpkin, actually, but I didn't want to completely geek out and call it a cucurbit in the post title. This little guy is growing at the end of a vine that sprouted in our sad excuse for a compost pile. Our compost is not covered, and we forget to water and rotate it.

It is, in fact, such a sad compost pile that someone from the local Water and Sewer Authority with an interest in microfauna growing in weird environments got me to take a sample of my compost precisely because it is so bad. Were I a successful gardener, this would have offended me (and maybe it should have), but I tend to forget about things that don't have wet noses and four legs.

But I digress.

Amazing morning light on the farm today!
October 16th
October 16th

Off for the cabin weekend. I'll be sharing two new blogs I recently found when I return!

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kayla said...

best wishes and such a great blog site. i will be back some how i found you looking for stuff on our sons birth defect esophageal atresia.

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