Wedding Planning Is Taking Over My Life!

I don't have the heart go back and count the number of emails my mom and I fired back and forth at each other yesterday, but between the two of us it was more than 20. Thank goodness Gmail groups things by conversation, otherwise I'd never keep track of it all.

I really have continued taking photos of the farm, but am now in Richmond, soon to pick up the Mountain Man from the airport and take him home where he belongs--in the kitchen with an apron on! So that I can take care of more important things like planning the wedding!

Just kidding, honey! I'll not only plan it all, but I'll cook too. If you do the dishes. [Seee how this works?]

So I don't have much to show for myself except a few more photos from Jackson Hole.

Town Square
What the MM Is Thinking About Or Doing While I Plan the Wedding
No Shame Here. Not Isabel Either, But Hooeee, She's A Cutey Patootee!

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