i [heart] veritas dc

It's time to move on from the antics leading up to Friday's presidential debate, so I'm sharing my newfound love for Veritas wine bar in DC. Veritas was a lovely birthday experience (apparently my friends don't believe in presents anymore and I'm not complaining).

We each chose a "flight" of three different wines thoughtfully paired with some very excellent cheeses. We often did the same thing as housemates in college, thinking ourselves very worldly as we sat around our wobbly coffee table eating dill havarti from Kroger with our mostly inexpensive wine from the little shop in Lexington. Veritas was a step up, as it should be for someone pushing 30 (gulp)!


otis said...

Do you think anyone can truly consider themselves worldly while living in a town where the best shopping is a super walmart?

Lizzie Oglesby said...

I live in a town where people flock to the Walmart as an after church activity on Sunday.
Even so, when you live in a small town, you are lucky to be surrounded also by mom & pop stores (if they haven't all closed) and Oxford, Mississippi has a very interesting crowd of what I would call very ecclectic, very worldly folks. Worldly in a sense that they are artists who interpret the world, what they know of it and what they perceive. These people may never visit China, but they know their part of the world like no one else ever will.
We are not defined by Super Walmart, or wherever we are forced to purchase food and other items to survive and/or maintain a sense of comfort.

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