Dispatch from Jackson Hole


I tried to mobile blog from the iPhone while I sat through the longest layover EVER in Minneapolis on Saturday, but that never worked. I'll have to have a word with Blogger about that one.

But back to the matter at hand: Jackson! Flying into the valley through eastern Yellowstone with the sun setting behind the Tetons brought tears to my eyes and we've been having the best time ever since. We hit most of my old haunts--a morning hike up Snow King, dinner at Sweetwater, a little shopping at Skinny Skis and running into all kinds of people I know from the East Coast who somehow end up in Jackson (this always happens to me, it's sort of uncanny).

Now we're in Lander visiting the Mountain Man's parents and enjoying the crisp early September fall weather up in Sinks Canyon. It rivals the New River Gorge for good climbing...and it's not humid.

More photos when I return home and load from the regular camera, but I'll close with this from Jackson yesterday:
In a place where priorities often run something like this: #1 skiing, #2 fishing, #3 romantic relationships, this back of the truck proposal is kind of a big deal. Awww.

1 comment:

Lizzie Harris said...

Love the dust on a truck window proposal! So romantic!
I cannot believe I have never been out west at all. It looks so beautiful. Love the pics!

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