Bovine Bundles of Joy

(There's audio, so mute if you need to. Music by Reeltime Travelers)

Having neither grown up on a farm, nor with a dog who had puppies, nor birthed a child myself, yesterday was my first eyewitness of birth, and it was messy! Still, Mama Black Angus seemed to know exactly what to do and wasted no time getting little Baby Black all cleaned up and ready for the world outside the birthing pasture.

I was hoping to capture his first suckle at the teat of life, but he kept missing, and Mama kept cleaning. Baby Black is still plenty wobbly and wet here though. By now he's been vaccinated, tagged and sent out INTO THE WORLD, meaning the main pasture with all his little half brothers and sisters (the Black Bull gets around).

Never a dull moment around here!

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