Thoughts On Pig

I've often joked that I could become a vegetarian if I didn't have to give up bacon. But let's amend that to include most pork products (with the exception of things like feet and fatback---eck).

But anyway, where was I? Oh yes, the smoked pork shoulder I sampled on Saturday night was melt-in-your-mouth tender and it got me thinking about pork and politics. I thought about the late summer campaign season and the amusing fact that one of the easiest ways for Obama and Biden to seem more appealing to Middle America by publicly eating pig.

So Obama was pointing out to folks in Eu Claire, WI that a barbeque requires pork and sauce, whereas these poor people were merely having a cook-out (they had burgers and chicken, bless their hearts!).

Then Joe Biden caused a traffic jam in Denver today when he sallied up to Boney's Smokehouse in downtown Denver and ordered pulled pork and a lemonade. Maybe these two genuinely like pig. Or maybe pork barbeque is code for "I'm vury Amurican." (Unless you're trying to appeal to Orthodox Jews who keep kosher, in which case, well, I don't know).

Have a slice of apple pie while you're at it, gentleman. And don't let anyone tell you that barbeque means a tomato-based sauce, because vinegar is how it's done. Come to North Carolina and see what I mean. Just make sure no one snaps your photo with John Edwards while you're there : )

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Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

We shpuld eat together sometime. This post made my stomach growl.

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