How Low Can You Go?

With your power bill. Pull your mind out of the gutter people!

I am a compulsive unplugger of small appliances and power strips in the name of energy savings. I run most of my laundry on cold and the dryer on delicate for those things that really need drying. The rest goes on the drying rack. CFL's in all the lights, etc. My power bill was $45 last month.

So I was happy to come across this additional energy-saving tip on the TerraPass blog today: Running the dishwasher, washer and dryer at night saves you money in a couple of ways:
1) It doesn't throw off all that extra heat during the day, which keeps your thermostat from working overtime (assuming you have such a thing-I don't)
2) It pulls power off the grid at a time when there's less demand, and thus costing YOU less.

And then there's the whole ambient white noise sound of a distant dishwasher or dryer lulling you to sleep.....

Ok, maybe that's less of a reason, but people, this is so easy and requires no up-front outlay of cash. Just a little effort on your part. Yes, you're welcome.

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