A Blog and Online Store to Love

I just came across Farmhouse Wares and their blog, Farmhouse Musings. Both are lovely sites for Anthropolgie-esque household goods without the astronomical price tag and mass-produced feel. Farmhouse has a more thoughtfully edited selection of items from other small businesses and farm operations instead.

This will be my go-to site for unique wedding presents in the coming months (and helping me catch up on a little back-log in that department). I'm a terrible follower of registries--I just don't want to give someone a cutting board. Even if they want a cutting board more than a set of Jack Russel bookends. Somehow the bookends are more fun and, oh dear friends who just got married or are about to, I'm sorry, but don't count on me for kitchen mundanities if I know you well enough to pick out something better.

Unless you newlywed or nearlyweds want to weigh in and tell me that I'm just wrong, wrong wrong on this one and you want that cutting board, dammit.

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