Next Up, Watch Me Eat My Weight in Salad Greens

Or, today is farm share pick up day and while the Wildland Trekking Company's Northern Rockies Field Director (aka Steve) is off trekking, I must eat all our fresh veggies, lest they perish. I feel that this will be a true test of my locavore mettle when I just want a pizza or something like that which might occur after several excessively healthy meals. Oh, the mind is a perverse thing.

I've been walking and taking photos in the evenings more than the mornings lately, so I have several low light photos to share:
June 7th

June 9th

June 8th

I'm off to eat some ruffiage and read this while I wait for it to get cool enough to go for a walk:

P.S. Someone with my old Wyoming area code just called with the wrong number and asked if I was "Russian Beauty." Sounds like a Western call girl and I have a few phone digits in common. Lovely!

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