Home Again, Home Again

Otherwise titled "How I killed almost all my potted plants by forgetting to ask the neighbors to water them," including the fuschia plant that Steve bought us earlier this spring. I think he might come home tomorrow and tell me that it's over because I killed our love fuschia or something like that. Except that Steve is a guy and not trying to come up with ways to break it off--heck he's driving and flying and then driving himself all the way back here starting approximately now somewhere in west-central Wyoming. I'd blush if it wasn't already hot and muggy back in the cottage.

Anyway, I am too tired to say much more about western North Carolina except that it was cool and green and beautiful and I've never come to close to being struck by lightening. I actually heard "the buzz" that others have described just before lightening strikes really close by. It sort of sounded like a prop plane engine or something like that--but it was enough for my little mama (she's barely 5ft) and me to put our heinies in gear and get out of the woods. Phew.

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