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May 20th

May 20th

I love my Envirosac. I love it's bright yellow hue and the way it folds up into a little roll that secures with a snap and fits in my pocketbook. I love whipping it out of said pocketbook as a way to prevent shopkeepers from placing my goods in something unsavory like a plastic bag.

I actually wanted to give them away as favors at a bridal luncheon, but they were a tad pricey and my mother said I shouldn't push my environmentalist agenda at such events. Heck, I just thought they looked cool and were useful. Anyway. They make a great present. You'll probably want one for yourself too.

Although I know it has been a blessing to farmers, the cool weather and rain this spring have been dragging on! Grey skies
May 21st

But this beautiful grass has already been cut, so there's hope for at least three hayings on the farm this year.
May 24th

We also have a peach tree in our yard, which didn't lose its fruit in a cold snap. I have no idea what I'm supposed to do to keep bugs and birds away from these little guys
May 22nd

But for me peaches = summer, so I have high hopes, if not low expectations of a fruit tree not tended by a fruit farmer. Orchardist? Does such a word exist?

Steve's parents are visiting us from Wyoming this coming week. They've never been to Virginia before, poor things. I may be a little MIA, but I'll be back.

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