Unexpected Beauty

A friend who has been traveling in South America for the past two months began a photo series of street stencils in Buenos Aires, which I just love (the photos--I've never been to South America). I was so pleasantly surprised yesterday morning to walk by a concrete block wall that had previously been covered with local gang graffiti, and now features this:

April 9th
Whomever had the grace and good heart to repaint and stencil the wall gets a gold star in my book.

And it was finally warm and sunny today! To celebrate, I wore my cheery red espadrilles.
April 10th

No, I'm not suggesting that my toes are unexpectedly beautiful, but for me, the shoes signify spring.

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gertru aka campanita or diabolikitty said...

Great pic! There is a lot of graffitis in Buenos Aires, this is nice.

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