More Local Food to Love

April 14th

A late in the evening trip to Whole Foods on Sunday (dangerous for the wallet!) turned up great two local food items in this early spring time of veggies from California.

Caromont Farm Chevre was so good, I could have eaten it with a spoon. We used it on a roasted veggie pizza and in our salad instead, but it is by far the best soft goat cheese I've ever had, and it's made in Esmont, right here in Albemarle County. I'm guess fewer than 50 food miles from goat to table : )

#2 Shenandoah Joe's coffee
I'm not sure which blend we have because Steve picked it out while I was in the cheese department, but beans roasted right here in Charlottesville really do make a difference. Obviously more food miles involved here, but at least we're supporting a local business.


Lizzie Harris said...

A package is in the mail to you! Love that photo of the day of the uncoiling botanicals! Your P&G skirt is going to be super cute, and I beg to differ on SBC vs. Hollins. All of the oldschool photos of Hollins women from our mothers' era depicted very preppy styles, many included plaid pencil skirts and buttery sweater sets! Even during my time at Hollins, when Vera Bradley was the regal supreme, the widespread motto concerning SBC and the surrounding mens colleges was, "Sweet Briar to bed, Hollins to wed." Ha!

annabelle said...

Yeesh. I may have opened a can o'worms now! I'm just paraphrasing what the OPH had to say, having no doubt from personal acquaintances at both institutions that there are lovely ladies at both!

Those are "fiddleheads," ferns before they unfurl, btw.

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