Farm Tramping and Eggs for Supper

I tried an April Fool's post today, but it's lost somewhere on the Blogger server, likely to appear in a few days when it's sardonic humor means precisely...nothing.

So instead, here's a little montage of what's been turning up on the farm in the past day or two. It was so warm and balmy today that we've had the front door open and the fans on to catch the breeze.

It's too late to report much else, except that my experimental quiche recipe--spinach, sundried tomatoes and olive pesto with a little gruyere and parmesean was nothing short of amazing, if I do say so myself. Cage free/free range eggs from the CSA and good sea salt were key, I think. And the pricey cheese. Worth it for a few days of lunch at the office and not going out to eat.

Photos coming soon of a finished crafty project!

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