February 22nd

We woke up to a thin coating of ice over everything this morning. Walking Isabel, my boots sounded like they were clicking across a hardwood floor, not the dirt road. And with the office opening two hours late, I'm posting a little earlier today! The weather is so gray and cold, I didn't even try to find something colorful to shoot.

I'm hoping that a little wine tasting downtown tonight will brighten things up. And on another brighter note, if any of you buy music off iTunes, I highly recommend looking up Christy Turlington's Celebrity Playlist. I never recovered from my teenage love of the mix tape, so I sometimes check out what playlists they've come up with. Hers is full of some of the best covers I've ever heard. Patti Smith doing "Smells Like Teen Spirit," Johnny Cash doing Bob Marley's "Redemption Song," Aimee Mann covering Coldplay's "The Scientist." Good stuff.


Lizzie Harris said...

You are too funny! I love celeb playlists on itunes. My fav is Natalie Portman's Big Change mix. That photo is awesome by the way. It looks like you took it with a view camera and did all sorts of cool selective focusing.

annabelle said...

I wish I even knew how to selectively focus. To be truthful, there's a "edge blur" function in iPhoto! I'm going to find Natalie Portman's list. Love her!

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