In and Out of Fog

Mist and fog generally roll in during the wee hours of the morning, but today a rain storm cleared just as the sun was setting and the temperature began to drop. All the moisture in the air condensed immediately, and I drove home through evening fog. The weather seemed fitting for my mood and physical state after a particularly busy day at work and anticipation of a few more similar days to come.

If you know me, you can guess that I desperately needed to practice yoga to come out of my own fog! Although I've had it posted under "Sites I Like" for quite awhile now, I thought I'd give a nod to Yoga Today, which is a website that posts a new hour-long yoga practice each day. For free.
The classes are taught by three amazing instructors from Jackson Hole, Wyoming and each brings a unique approach "to the mat." If you can't afford group classes, are on the road, or just need a break from the group, this site is a great resource.

Namaste : )

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