Carolina Adventures

We took the long weekend and and drove to western North Carolina for some rock climbing, a little r&r and walks through very wet woods. We climbed at Looking Glass in the Pisgah National Forest (
all of which George Vanderbilt gave to the NFS) on Saturday, putting up the very classic 4-pitch Sundial Crack. Watching the sun begin to dip behind the western ridgeline from 500ft off the deck was pretty cool. [Note the "what have I gotten myself into?" smile on my face]

Sunday it misted, spit, poured and blew rain sideways. One of those western Carolina days when you'd never know there were any mountains we were so socked in with fog. I took this photo before the worst of it rolled in. Of course, that made the next morning even more beautifulI love Whiteside Mountain in a religious way. What cathedral can equal this piece of God's architecture? Speaking of architecture, what is wrong with this picture?

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Lizzie Harris said...

You guys are so durn cute!

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