"Women are the one group that grows more radical with age" ?

I read Gloria Steinhem's editorial "Women Are Never Front -Runners" in the NY Times this morning and find myself in a bit of a muddle. I thought I didn't support Hillary Clinton because she is a grasping, power-hungary politician who will tell you what she thinks you want to hear and would bring us at least four more years of Clinton-style personal embarrassment in the White House (although compared to the Bush years, Monica-gate seems laughably insignificant).

Steinhem's article made me wonder if I too fault Hillary for her lack of femininity and warmth, yet also doubt the sincerity of her much-publicized tears on Monday. Am I too a part of the continuation of soft sexism in the U.S. because I hold female politicians to an impossible double-standard? That is, I do not feel a great affinity for any of the women in Congress, yet I certainly believe that women should hold elected office, even the presidency?

Maybe I just haven't found the right female politician yet. (Maybe all politicians are mildly crazy?) So I'm sticking with Obama, even if Gloria Steinhem thinks I'm sexist.

What do you think, loyal readers?

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Lizzie Harris said...

I don't know if I can vote for Hillary.

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