Heavy Weather Brewing

January 24th

I just wanted to say that. A very windy storm system is making our tin roof rattle and air is leaking in around our less-than-well insulated windows. It is on nights like these that I long to build my own green home, even if some would say that I would be creating more demand for materials, etc, rather than making due with an existing house. Steve would actually be part of that "some."
I'm off to finish drinking this:

And read this:While getting ever more excited about my upcoming weekend of this:
Well, maybe more like this:


Lizzie Harris said...

Um that pic of you falling down is hysterical. Do you really wear diamond studs to go skiing? Ha!

annabelle said...

Oh yes, darling! Actually, I'm wearing pearls in the photo. It's how I draw attention away from the lack of make-up or fancy hair-do.

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