Lighting a Fire Under My Feet, Sort of

Thomas Friedman's editorial in the New York Times today struck a chord with me, even if I've been out of college for a few years and might technically still be a member of Generation X, not Y or Q or whatever letter we settle on.

Check it out:
Generation Q and if you're still in college, just out, if you're a twenty-something at all, give this some consideration, even if you're tired of being told we're apathetic. That at least, should move us to action, if the giant climate/deficit/social security/health care mess our parents' generation is leaving is doesn't.


chris said...

That is a fantastic article on so many fronts: when you're young you need to care, you need to force tough issues, and you need to do it in a way that's real and immediate (not just on the computer). Brilliant. Thanks for sharing.

Lizzie said...

Greetings from Ole Miss!

I'm going to go find the statue of James Meredith and take a pic of it for you.

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