Blog Lurkers (You Know Who You Are)

Dear Friends and Family Who Read My Blog and Do Not Comment,
It is a blog reader's duty to comment every now and then! Otheriwse I'll never know who's bothering to check in, or whether this is a purely self-serving endeavor.
Thanks folks!


Anonymous said...

I look at your blog...I like seeing your little farm house and the cool adventures you go on!!!

But, I still think you have to find a job in Bozeman.

Horanyi Family said...

i heart your photos - thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I read your blog beautiful. But c'mon, if I'm reading it at home I am not a lurker!

BTW Becky, you obviously have some strikingly insightful wisdom to impart; you should contribute more often.


Anonymous said...

Gosh, pressure's on. Does this strikingly insightful wisdom have to do with jobs and Bozeman?

Come on over, the water's fine...!


annabelle said...

I too wonder to what strikingly insightful wisdom Steve refers. But anyway. Thanks for sharing the love, folks

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