Whoah, Where Did April Go?

That's the question I'm scratching my head and asking myself after I looked at my last entry and realized it was pre-Easter weekend. Graduate school definitely took over my life a bit more than I would have liked last month, but I have high hopes for a restful, playful May. Isn't that what May is all about? Being playful and enjoying some of the best weather, wildflowers and, yes, parties, of the year?

But let's not forget that April began with snow on Easter weekend: What a surprise to wake up to weather I would have only expected in the Tetons. These fiddleheads in the woods behind the farm were very pretty. They've fully unfurled their ferny fronds now.

Steve and I did make it up to Humpack Rocks one evening for a quick hike to watch the sunset over the Alleghenies. Despite the wind it was exciting just to take an evening hike-wonderful lenthening of days. As spring turns to summer, those evening hikes will probably become evening climbing trips to west-facing crags.

After a trip to the annual American Planning Association conference in Phildelphia followed by many final projects and presentations, we made it out to Goshen Pass in Rockbridge County for more hiking and climbing this past weekend. I remembered the short person's route up Stinky Pinky at Chamber's Ridge (most favorite climbing route in college) and we had a great walk up to Little Peak to look out over Goshen Pass.

How cute is my dog?!?

Lookin' out over Goshen Pass from Little Peak (you can barely see Corner Rapid down in the gorge on the left)

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