The Carbon-Neutral Trend

Well, we moved houses over the weekend and I'm trying to write 1 last take home exam today and then I will be all but finished with grad school! So I haven't made it out much except to explore the new farm where we're now living. It's beautiful, green, and peaceful, so I'll post some photos soon.
But I just had to share this for all you friends engaged or soon to be: The Wedding Terra Pass. Terra Pass is a company that will calculate the carbon emissions from an airplane flight or a year's worth of driving around in your car (with algorithms for SUV's vs. Hybrids, mileage, etc) and then will offset your carbon emissions by investing in renewable energy projects and buying credits off the Chicago Climate exchange. For this you might pay $16 for a flight across the country or $75 annually for an SUV or someone who logs a lot of miles (an excellent present for anyone who doesn't need more "stuff").
But NOW they've created a whole carbon off-set package for your wedding, which mostly off-sets your guest's airfare and driving to get to your wedding, and the CO2 emitted while they stay in a hotel. What a very cool little piece of information to include in a guest's thank you note or welcome bag when they arrive.
With that I'm off to stoop procrastinating and write this damn final. Back when I'm truly a MUEP!

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Lizzie said...

Woah, I haven't checked your blog in forever and I just saw the pics of your mountain man! He is major cuteness! Congrats! And congrats on finishing grad school! I am moving to Oxford, MS in August. Hope I catch a glimpse of you soon! See you at Bettie's wedding! 7/7/07!

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